Measurefest speakers…..predictions for 2018 and beyond

Measurefest speakers…..predictions for 2018 and beyond

With Brighton SEO’s spring conference done and dusted, the date for Measurefest 2018 has been announced. This year’s Measurefest is happening in Brighton at Jurys Inn on 27th September 2018, and readers can get more details at or by following #MeasureFest.

As 2017 sponsors, Binary Bear contacted the speaker list from the 2017 event recently to get their thoughts on what are the issues that are probably going to be keeping the web analytics and optimisation community awake at night over the coming months. Here are some of their observations:

“A small percentage of savvy brands will choose to go back to basics – fix their user experience, improve their usability, pull back on investing in expensive, feature rich tools, instead investing more in people, and most importantly start actually speaking to their customers. They realise that until they have the foundations in place of good user experience and a customer-centric mindset within their business, they aren’t in the strongest position to grow”- Paul Rouke

Paul Rouke is Founder & CEO at agency PRWD you can follow Paul on Twitter @paulrouke

“GDPR is really going to shake things about, but at the same time it’s going to open up some great new opportunities as companies use the legislation to rethink, redo, and renew their optimization and measurement tools.  

We are also going to see an even larger swing towards “self-serve” analytics. An ever-larger part of our analyst tasks will be in building capabilities of business teams to retrieve, understand and use their own data to help them to do their roles. 

 This might all sound like a lot more work, but we shouldn’t need to panic; help is on the way as I expect to see the rise of simpler, more effective machine-learning tech to help us drive more business value from analytics so we can keep driving those revenue figures even higher”- Grant Kemp

Grant Kemp is Data and Analytics consultant at Inviqa you can follow Grant on Twitter @ukdatageek

“I think a key shift in 2018 will be the increased uptake of digital assistants and voice search. The way people search is already changing. Having the ability to speak a search rather than type it opens up a vast increase in the types of search queries we might see coming through as well as the intent. The changes will be defined by the speed of development and improved controls which the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo can offer. 

Last year saw a big uptake in the use of assistants. It was reported that Amazon had sold over 20 million units in the first 9 months, this does not include Christmas and that 1 in 5 searches were voice searches, although it’s hard to know without Google publishing the numbers.

 With more varied searches taking place and voice searches on the increase, analysing and optimising across multiple devices (including TV) is something we must be taking into account when analysing our report data in 2018” – Rachel Mepham

Rachel Mepham is Head of Digital at Digital Clarity you can follow Rachel on Twitter @rachelmepham

“First up is Augmented analytics. The combination of human thinking with that of automated AI. Basically, allowing machine learning to aid us, the analysts, in providing insights quicker. It will also predict and prescribe actionable guidance. As a working example, you will log into your CMS/ analytics tool and it will tell you what pages/ products to work on. Or you log into your optimisation tool and that tells you that a test will already win before you push it live. Ultimately it will save you time and allow you to focus on what delivers value. 

My other prediction will be around access to insights. So, this has already been fast and furious in 2017. Ability to share data with API’s is nothing new (utilising google sheets or google data studio), but access will come away from the laptop/ mobile and into voice-controlled tech such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Quick access to your top KPI’s, your biggest growth areas or tests won will become the norm. Our challenge as analysts, as ever, is to ensure this (voice only) data is both meaningful and actionable”– Dominic Hurst

Dominic Hurst is Digital Transformation Consultant at Valtech you can follow Dominic on Twitter @dh_analytics

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