For most organisations, being up to date with the latest business thinking is key, especially if you are reliant on the fast changing digital landscape. Binary Bear specialises in Conversion Optimization, UX and Analytics training courses to enable you to hit the ground running with your optimisation efforts.

Because of this, Binary Bear is the favoured course provider for the Chartered Institute of Marketing,  Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing, Measurefest, Brighton SEO, Maxus, Mindshare and many other agencies and direct clients.

We Offer Two Main Courses

Practical CRO

 An introduction to the tools and processes of optimization to allow you to start your own test programme.

CRO maturity modelling

Basic heuristics

Analytics for CRO

Introduction to testing

CRO tools and technology

Hypothesis building

Test analysis and insight

 Advanced CRO

The latest thinking in persuasion, personalisation and re-marketing to build a truly dynamic and data driven site.


Personalisation and targeted experiences

Advanced persuastion tactics

Multi-page and multi-experience tests

Workflow management

Upskilling and recruitment

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