The Modular CRO Consultancy

Helping you build up your optimisation capability, block by block


Grow your global customer base with our unique cultural approach to Conversion Optimization.

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What We Do

  • Understand

    We use qualitative and quantitative methods to assess user behaviour. Our CRO and UX research phase uses our unique Appraiser methodology to audit your website or app

  • Strategise

    We build an optimization programme that is bespoke to you. We assist with managing virtual and real teams, building workflow and fine tuning your CRO processes.

  • Experiment

    We’re experienced in all the major testing platforms and will prototype, build, monitor and manage all your tests

  • Train

    With some of the UK’s most highly regarded training resources we have helped hundreds of optimizers and agencies get started on the road to CRO success.

Binary Bear Stats


% proportion of global internet users contributed by Asia


% of businesses happy with their conversion rates


% annual growth rate for African eCommerce