MyCRO- conversion optimisation for all!

MyCRO- conversion optimisation for all!

There are over a billion websites on the internet, but according to Builtwith by 2022 only 0.2% of all sites had access to a CRO testing tool. Given the evidence of the companies with the most advanced experimentation programmes and their evangelising for experimentation and CRO- I’m thinking here of the mega brands like the Amazons, the Metas, the Booking.coms- one would think that smaller businesses would be lining up to get behind the optimisation revolution.

And yet the current evidence is that experimentation is an elite practice only undertaken by elite businesses. Meanwhile the skills and capability gaps between the haves and have nots gets wider and wider.

At Binary Bear we think that for too long smaller organisations have been locked out (or are locking themselves out) of having a data-led approach to design. We postulate that for the average small-business owner doesn’t think CRO is a priority for them because it’s seen as:

Too complicated
Too disruptive
Too expensive

For this reason we’ve developed a super low-cost mini-CRO programme aimed at smaller businesses called MyCRO. Using the same tools, technology and approach as our regular consultancy jobs MyCRO breaks down the customer journey into small chunks. By prioritising key moments in the decision-making journey- selecting sizes, ordering by price, picking by delivery times- we can help businesses break out of their inertia when it comes to CRO and start getting website owners making smarter design changes based on data.

Crucially, MyCRO is easy to understand, already has a toolkit included so offers minimal disruption and is affordably prices (only £249 per month) so we can start delivering value from day one.

If you’re a small business owner, want a framework that allows you to find out valuable data about your customers in real time, and curious about the possibilities of CRO, then reach out to us at [email protected]

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