Fresh thinking with Conversion Profiling

Fresh thinking with Conversion Profiling


We know how hard it is to keep on top of your Conversion Rate Optimisation and come up with fresh ideas for improvements. To this end we’ve created Conversion Profiling- an easy to use heuristic checklist to help you benchmark your pages against known standards for accessibility, readability, attention, site speed and more.


Heuristics are rules of thumb that designers and web owners use to benchmark against. In combination with data from analytics, surveys and user tests, they can be a powerful engine of design improvements or test ideas. Pioneered by Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, there are a number of heuristic protocols including Gerhardt-Powers and Weinschenk and Barker.


Conversion Profiling takes these subjective rules and turns them into an objective checklist with binary answers. This enables us to score a design based on factors like whether the design passes site speed tests, whether USPs are present or if a CTA has colour contrast errors. We’ve divided the results into 10 facets of conversion:



Navigation & Distribution


User Status


Value Proposition

Images & Colour

Brand Authority


Calls To Action


We use tools and technology that fits in to this “pass” or “fail” methodology like Wave by WebAIM,, Google Lighthouse and Eyequant, amongst others.


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